Saturday, 23 February 2013

Your Carbon Footprint - Idea

Your Carbon Footprint
Mark Fitzsimons & Sam Miles -  Avant Garde MM4

The aim of this project is to inform the audience about urban pollution in Europe in a fun, different way by creating an interactive spectacle that the public will be intrigued to use.
We plan on using a sequence of steps in which the audience will interact with. Each individual step represents a european city. These steps use a pressure sensor which triggers auditory, visual and haptic feedback to the audience.
The sensors are designed to pay homage to the iconic billie jean video by Michael Jackson where the ground lights up after every step that Michael takes.
The data that is being presented through the three mediums (sound, vision and touch) are a live representation of the urban pollution readings in a city at that given time. The higher the intensity of the feedback the higher the levels of carbon pollution. (I.e higher vibration, lights up red)

Audiotory feedback – Each step will contain a note sound once pressed that will play once part of the Billie Jean sequence.

Visual feedback – Each step contains LEDs which represent different levels of air pollution, Green being low, Yellow being mid range and Red being high.

Haptic feedback – Each Step will vibrate once stepped on in different levels to show air pollution in a physical way. The more intense the vibrates the higher the level of air pollution.

Inspiration (Hommage to):           
Michael Jackson – Billie Jean video
Multisensor Broadband High Dynamic Range Sensing... for a Highly Expressive    
Step-based Musical Instrument – Steve Mann
Red Balloon, Green Balloon, Sensors in the Sky – Stacey Kuznetsov
In Touch with Space: Embodying Live Data For Tangible Interaction.. Trevor Hogan

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