Monday, 18 February 2013

Urban Pollution

Urban pollution is a major problem across the world. It is an issue that many environment scientists are currently trying to solve. We have choose urban pollution as it is something we both feel passionate about. The aim of our project is to raise people's awareness of urban pollution through a fun interactive experience.

Initial ideas:

After researching and brainstorming our chosen area we came up with an idea that involves using the Hollywood Boulevard idea as the basis to an interactive installation to help raise people's awareness.

The idea was based around making the audience feel 'famous' for a short period of time. That combined with the idea of using your foot (taken from carbon footprint) as the main controller. The audience, one or more, would put their foot onto a pressure sensor that would trigger a camera to take a picture of them. By using a carbon dioxide sensor hooked up to a Audrino board we could have a constant live reading of the carbon levels at the time the picture was taken. This reading will be presented to the audience by using an animated face rather than figures and will show wether the reading was good or bad based on the facial expression of the animation. This face will be imprinted as an info-graphic onto the screen along side the audience to inform them on their carbon footprint. The screen will display all the pictures that have been taken that day. The picture will also be uploaded onto a website that contains all the photos taken, from here the audience can share their photo on Facebook or Twitter. There will also be information sections on the website that help people to understand better what urban pollution is and ways to help bring it down.

This is our first idea. We plan to build on this idea from here and further develop it before we move into prototyping it.

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