Sunday, 28 April 2013

Your Carbon Footprint in action

So after developing the prototypes we built the actually unit that would be placed in a public space. The unit has four steps, each one related to the pollution levels of a certain country. We built the unit from plywood and sprayed it black and spray the countries' names in a bright orange.

The theory behind the unit is quite simple. Once a member of the audience steps on a plate a frequency is triggered that relates to the pollution of the country they are stepping on. So for example, France's level of pollution was 5.61, meaning it was played back to the audience at 561HZ.

Prior to the week we put the unit into a public space we went to the same space (The Nexus, CIT) and presented the data in a text form and asked the people who took part to answer questions based on a licket scale. A week later we put the unit in and asked the same questions to test against the results we had already gathered. We wanted to see if having people interacte with a musical device that changes the modality of information from text to auditory would help raise people's awareness and concern levels whilst having fun at the same time. We were pretty impressed with the results! Check out the video beneath.

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